Excuse the mess:-)


Excuse the mess:-)

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about Me,

Growing up in Cynthiana Kentucky, I knew that gardening was my thing. I created my first book, Secrets of a Kentucky Gardener, to help myself and others get a grip on their landscape; so they could reap the rewards as I do. I took 10 years and followed the seasons through, and now I have a complete journal of timely events for anyone in Kentucky. Secrets of Tennessee Gardening, my second book, caters to the "Volunteer State" gardener.

Alongside writing, I am a Realtor affiliated with Berkshire Hathaway Home Service. I make author visits, and attend scheduled book signings. I am a member of the Lexington Tree Board, Corridors Commission and Greenspace Commission.  I am a member of the Soil Mates Garden, Lexington Council Garden Clubs, and Club Garden Club of Kentucky. On the state level, I represent all women of Kentucky by serving on the Medical Assistance Commission.

I live in Lexington with my 2 daughters, Sarah & Rachel.

                          I'm GOOD TO KNOW;-)


Karen Angelucci

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